Photography, Pastels, Pottery

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Invoking Drala photograph
Autumn Portrait photograph
Spring's Invitation pastel painting
Meadow Lightner Creek, 
Pastel painting
Yvonne Holland Fine Art
Three Cups
Autumn Rhapsody, 
The San Juans
Vanishing Point
View at Pastorius pastel painting
Autumn Molas Lake photograph
Meadow Hermosa Watershed pastel painting
Three Bowls
Foothills Series II
Pastel painting
La Plata Vista pastel painting
Spring Silhouette
Spring in the Orchard
Pastel painting
Forest Pinks, 
The Animas Valley
Vernal Blush,
The Animas Valley.
Summer at Haut Baran
Autumn the Animas Valley pastel painting
Gilded Landscape II,
Spring Palette,
The Animas Valley
Autumn at Cherry Gulch pastel painting
Autumn the Sneffels Range pastel painting
Lavender Fields pastel painting
Autumn Strata, 
The San Juan Mts., 
Saffron Splash
The Animas Valley
Golden Harbinger
The Animas Valley
Gilded Landscape
The San Juan Mts.
Cerulean Reflections pastel painting
Woodland Path pastel
Along the banks of the Animas pastel
Cottage, County Clare
pastel painting
Verdant Fields
James Ranch
Pastel painting
Summer Dance pastel
Apple and Saffron Field photograph
High Mountain Vista photograph
Durango Farmer's Market
Striations II pastel painting
Northern Vista Spring pastel
Summer Serenade pastel painting
Ephemeral Gold pastel painting
View Toward the Twiilights pastel painting
Autumn at Hermosa Creek pastel painting
Autumnal Mirror photograph
At the Forest's Edge pastel painting
Summer Adornment photograph
Winter Palette pastel painting

Late Summer at Molas Lake pastel
Autumn Reverie the San Juans photograph
Ruby Cascade photograph
Autumn Cascade Creek pastel painting
Summer Polyphony photograph
Autumn Reflections the Animas Valley photograph
Autumn Colors the La Platas pastel painting
Cottage Inishmor photograph
Northern Vista pastel painting
Autumn Near Elbert Creek pastel painting
Passage photograph
Autumn Chroma pastel painting
Dusks Invitation pastel painting

Winter La Plata River
Autumn Path pastel
Winter Solitude pastel painting
Gilded Waters photograph
Rosy Array photograph
Along there Animas pastel painting
Carnival photograph